3 Reasons Your Kitchen Needs Solid Surface Counter Tops

As a homeowner, choosing the right material for your kitchen counter tops is a big decision that you will be living with for many years. While it is tempting to choose an inexpensive material, it is important to consider the inconvenience associated with updating your counter tops. Unless you don't mind having strangers traipse around your kitchen, it is a good idea to learn about the benefits of solid surface counter tops, as discussed below.

#1-Solid Surface Counters Are Versatile And Hygienic

It is easy to forget about how much wear and tear your counter tops are likely to be exposed to over the years. For instance, they will probably function as a cutting board, warm plate holder and shelf. As a result, it will be helpful to consider that solid surface counter tops can be installed and connected to one another in ways that often allow them to appear as if they were just a single unit.

Their continuity is useful because it means that they are easier to clean. In addition, there are fewer crevices for bacteria and dirt to hide in, so you are likely to feel more comfortable allowing kids to do homework beside you as you prepare a meal.

#2-Solid Surface Counter Tops Are Easy To Repair After Mishaps

As mentioned above, solid surface counter tops are quite sturdy. However, while you can safely put warmed plates from the dishwasher on them, the solid surface counter top is not designed to support the intense heat of pans directly from the oven, so you should refrain from doing so.

If the unexpected occurs and you notice that your new counter tops have been burned or otherwise damaged, a quick visit from the same experts that installed them originally will be necessary. In most cases, nicked or scratched areas can be easily buffed, and burn marks can be sanded down, so they can be easily returned to their former glory.

#2-They Allow Creativity

One common misconception about solid surface counter tops has frequently been that they are a one-size-fits-all item. The truth is that they can maintain their seamless appearance, even after being cut, formed or otherwise manipulated into the shape and physical presentation that you prefer.

It is also important to point out that a solid surface counter top can be almost any color that you like. It is even possible to choose one that closely resembles much more costly and expensive materials like granite or marble. However, since they will frequently last a decade or longer, you should make sure that you love the color and style that you choose.

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