Bigger Is Better — 4 Clever Ways To Maximize Your Balcony

A balcony on your home can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors more and extend the useful space in your house. But if your balcony is smaller than you'd like, what options do you have to make it bigger? Depending on your house, lot, and resources, here are a few approaches that can work for you. 

1. Extend It

This is the obvious and ideal solution for a small balcony. However, the additional supports needed for a larger balcony (and possible adjustments to the home) may become cost-prohibitive. You must also consider things like zoning, setbacks from neighboring properties, and HOA rules. 

If you can't extend the balcony outward from the home, consider extending it sideways. Join it with a balcony — new or existing — from a nearby room for a long, luxurious, and more practical balcony. 

2. Integrate It

Can't physically increase the balcony's size? Make it a more effective part of the room it leads from. Integrate the balcony and interior space through shared design, including the same flooring, color palette, furnishings, artwork, and theme. Then, enlarge the entrance to the balcony so it feels and acts like a room extension. 

Turning the indoor and outdoor spaces into one large joint room makes them both look larger as barriers are removed. It also helps you get the maximum value from the square footage of both spaces. 

3. Get Rid of It

This may not be your first instinct if you want more balcony instead of less. However, it could be a better use of the space overall. For instance, removing the balcony from a master suite allows you to enlarge the suite and create a window wall and seating area there instead. The effect is much like a balcony but with more climate control and more flexibility of use.

4. Make It Space-Saving

Space-saving features can help maximize any balcony. One of the easiest changes is replacing traditional doors with maximizing styles. A window wall, pocket door, or folding door allows wider access and fewer visual barriers. Consider other changes like a vertical grill around it rather than a railing, which can make usage more efficient. Finally, think creatively about furnishings and traffic flow. 

Where to Start

Which approach is the best way to maximize your balcony? Find out by meeting with a home remodeling service in your area today. No matter which direction you choose, you'll love your new and improved indoor/outdoor space.