How To Install Drapery Rods For Your Home Staging

Installing drapes is a great way to make the window fixture more stylish before staging it. New drapes can add a level of cohesion and style to any room. Most people choose an ornate fabric that coordinates with other fabrics or the carpet. Installing the Rod Mounts Of course, you want your drapes to also be fully functional. If they are not properly installed, they can be hard work, especially if you use them on a daily basis.

Four Things An Interior Designer Can Do That Most People Can't

When you want to redecorate, you may be able to add some pillows or new furniture to a room. You may even add fresh paint to the walls and/or new flooring if you are an intermediate DIY-type of person. However, even the most experienced home owner cannot do some things an interior designer can do. Interior designers can do at least four things most people cannot: 1. Visualize a Fully Decorated and Remodeled Room in His/Her Head