Love to Read? How to Create the Perfect Book Nook

If you're into reading, it's time to create a book nook for yourself. Setting up an area of your home as a separate reading nook will give you the space you need to curl up and relax with a good book. You could just curl up on the living room couch, but that won't provide the quiet tranquility you need to truly immerse yourself in your book. Here are four steps to take to create the perfect book nook.

How To Paint Over Semi-Gloss Walls

If you are looking to update your walls, you may choose a semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint is a popular choice for walls because it's tougher than latex and gives a moderate sheen.  However, painting over walls already painted with semi-gloss can be tricky, since new paint won't adhere to the shiny surface, and it runs easier. However, it is still possible to repaint the walls with semi-gloss paint by following these steps.