Design Ideas For Cat Lovers

Are your cats members of your family? If so, you may want to design your home so it meets your human aesthetic while also being friendly to your furry friends. The following interior design tips can help make your home the ultimate in cat friendliness.

Tip #1: Opt for wider window sills

Almost all cats seem to love basking on a window sill while watching the world go by outside. You can make this a much more comfortable pursuit by having a wide sill installed. The extra width on the window sill provides plenty of room for your cat to sprawl out, while still looking attractive.

Tip #2: Add a built in cat tree

Many cats love to climb and they are naturally drawn to high places. A cat tree had long been an option to keep them from climbing curtains or jumping on top of the fridge. A more design-worthy option, though, is the built-in cat tree. Pretty free-floating wood steps and shelves can be placed around the home, which then lead to faux exposed beams that provide the cat walk above. This works especially well in homes with cathedral ceilings. If you don't have high ceilings, then the steps can simply lead to a shelf placed 8 inches beneath the ceiling that runs the perimeter of the room.

Tip #3: Hide the litter box

The litter box is the bane of décor for many cat owners. Fortunately, there are a couple of design options that allow you to hide it. The first one can be implemented in any home. It's simply a piece of furniture that looks like a side table but actually houses the litter box inside. Cats access it through a door in the side or back. Another option is to have a built-in litter cabinet, which works under a similar principle. Good places for the cabinet include the bathroom, laundry room, or mudroom.

Tip #4: Double up your décor

Many décor items can double as cat items. For example, instead of potted plants, which can tempt cats to dig and chew, opt for pretty trays of cat grass. The grass grows quickly, isn't toxic to cats, and it satisfies the design needs for living plants. There are even pieces of furniture available that have a replaceable cardboard or sisal rope panel dyed attractive colors to meet your décor. Your cat can scratch these with impunity, and then you switch out the panel when it starts to look worn.

For more cat friendly design ideas, contact an interior designer, like one from Keystone Residential Design, in your area.