Four Things An Interior Designer Can Do That Most People Can't

When you want to redecorate, you may be able to add some pillows or new furniture to a room. You may even add fresh paint to the walls and/or new flooring if you are an intermediate DIY-type of person. However, even the most experienced home owner cannot do some things an interior designer can do. Interior designers can do at least four things most people cannot:

1. Visualize a Fully Decorated and Remodeled Room in His/Her Head

Remember those kids in high school that could see three-dimensional, geometric objects in their heads? Or the artists that could see a finished project before they even started? Most of those kids become interior designers, decorators, and remodeling contractors because of their unique abilities. All of them can put things to computer screen or paper to show you what a finished project will look like, too.

2. Mix and Match Colors and Patterns in a Visually Pleasing Manner

Interior designers have an eye for patterns and colors. They do not guess that this throw pillow with its diamond pattern will look good in a room painted that color. They just know that it will or will not go together. If you find a piece of furniture, a color, or an accessory that you absolutely love, the designer can literally create an entirely new room around that one item and know that the final results will be stunning.

3. Arrange a Room to Look Larger Than It Is

Small rooms often look cramped and uncomfortable. When you ask an interior designer if there is any way to make the room look bigger but still keep the same contents in a room, the designer has a lot of visual tricks that can help. He or she can reposition everything in the room to make the room look much bigger than it is. Plus, you will not have to knock out a wall, actually physically enlarge the space, and/or incur the expense of expanding the room!

4. Make Small Changes That Have a Big Impact

Have you ever walked into a room at a friend's house and thought that he/she had completely remodeled it, only to find out that it is pretty much the same room as before? What was different that made you think it was remodeled? Small changes to a space can make it seem as though the room is brand-new, even when it is not. From new drawer pulls and cupboard hardware to a new piece of furniture, an interior designer can make little changes for a big visual impact.