How To Install Drapery Rods For Your Home Staging

Installing drapes is a great way to make the window fixture more stylish before staging it. New drapes can add a level of cohesion and style to any room. Most people choose an ornate fabric that coordinates with other fabrics or the carpet.

Installing the Rod Mounts

Of course, you want your drapes to also be fully functional. If they are not properly installed, they can be hard work, especially if you use them on a daily basis. This article explains the passport things to remember when installing drapery rods. The strength and functionality of any drapery system depend on the sturdiness of the rod. That is, if the roads are not firmly in permanently mounted to start within the wall, they can't pull away after years of usage.

The most important thing is to try hit a stud in the wall. Every window casement will have studs on the wall that make up the frame. So, the job is definitely easy if you are able to install the rod mounts directly on the edge of the window casement. However, some people want their drapery rod to be much longer than the actual window, or to span multiple windows in a row. Regardless, you want all of your rod mounts to hit the studs within the wall.

Using Drywall Screw Anchors

You might get lucky and have studs perfectly position, but you might need to make a sacrifice. In the worst case, you could have one drape rod mount hit a stud and then secure the other one using drywall screw anchors. Drywall anchors aren't as durable as screws that are secured directly to studs, so you don't want to have a drapery rod that is held up by mounts that are both attached using just drywall anchors. But, if one is secured to the studs and the other is secured using screw anchors, this will probably be strong enough.

Choosing the Best Rod Material

You also want to make sure you choose the right material for your rods. If you plan on actually opening and closing your drapes on a daily basis, don't choose a decorative material like wood. Wooden rods are extremely popular because of their style, but they aren't as functional and they don't slide very smoothly. If you have plastic or metal rods, they will slide very easily, and you will never need to wax them.

As long as you choose the right material and install your rod mounts securely, your home will look professionally staged. Contact a company like Stagethis for more information and assistance.