Love to Read? How to Create the Perfect Book Nook

If you're into reading, it's time to create a book nook for yourself. Setting up an area of your home as a separate reading nook will give you the space you need to curl up and relax with a good book. You could just curl up on the living room couch, but that won't provide the quiet tranquility you need to truly immerse yourself in your book. Here are four steps to take to create the perfect book nook.

Pick the Space Carefully

When it comes to creating the perfect book nook, you have to pick the space carefully. You'll want just enough space to fill it with the things you'll need. Too much space and your nook won't stay cozy. Not enough space and you'll feel cramped while you're reading. A quiet corner of the room works well, as does an old walk-in closet that isn't being utilized.

Choose the Right Furnishings

Once you have the space picked out, you'll want to get it furnished. The first thing you'll need is a nice oversized chair. This should be one that you can curl up in with your book and a blanket. If you have room in your nook, choose a recliner. That way, you can kick back while you read. You can also use an ottoman for the same purpose. Next, you'll need a few sturdy bookcases to hold your books. Finally, don't forget to add a nice sized side table that you can place your book on when you're done for the day.

Use the Proper Lighting

When it comes to your book nook, you're going to need proper lighting. A small accent light next to your chair will suit you well for normal daytime reading. However, if you're going to be reading late into the evening, you'll want a stand-alone torchiere lamp to provide more overhead lighting for you.

Add Some Fun Wall Decor

Finally, when you're designing your book nook, you can't forget the wall décor. Choosing wall décor that identifies the area as your reading area will get you in the mood for your book. One way to get fun with your wall décor is to copy pages of your favorite books and then display them on the walls in custom picture frames. The framed work will allow you to artistically display passages from books that mean the most to you.

If you love to read, you need to create space for yourself. Use the tips provided above to create the perfect book nook for yourself.