Are You Participating In A Trade Show?

Is this your first time promoting your business at a trade show? Perhaps you are a new owner of something like a swimming pool service company. Or, maybe you have started a home business where you sell a line of jewelry or health care products. Of course, if you are old hat at being part of a trade show, you're all set to proceed with your planning. On the other hand, maybe you feel like you need new ideas.

Whether you are a newcomer to trade shows or whether you have been in many of them, from creating a space that will attract customers to ordering promotional items, here are some ideas that might help you to grow your business.

Create A Booth That Will Attract People - Think of how you can make your trade show booth different from the other ones that will be participating. For example, have something on the floor that leads up to the actual booth. Things like adhesive happy faces or adhesive rainbows might draw people's interest. You could even scatter wrapped candy on the floor in front of your booth. Then have somebody ready to greet those who arrive at your booth.

Think of other ways that your booth can draw attention. For example, think of using bold colors in the display you have chosen. Use colors that complement each other but that aren't traditionally used together. For example, red, white and blue are not unexpected colors together. However, bright turquoise, bold pink and bright orange used together might be a very different and inviting way to attract people to your booth.

Give Information Through Promotional Items - Once people come to your booth, you'll have somebody ready to tell about your business. However, you also want people to remember what they saw and heard at your booth, right? Promotional items will take care of that aspect of having a trade show booth.

Consider the fact that there will more than likely be a lot of people who have brought their children with them. In that case, wouldn't the kids love to have a free balloon? Order balloons that have your business logo and contact information on them. Think of promotional items that people will actually use often. For example, promotional pens, rulers and yardsticks are probably going to be used a great deal. And, when those items are used, they will have your business information on them as a reminder that you are ready for new business. 

For more ideas, contact a local company that designs trade show exhibits