Keep Your Dog In Mind When You Remodel Your Kitchen

If you're planning an upcoming kitchen renovation and have recently added a pet dog to your family, it can be advantageous to keep the animal in mind as you sit down with a contractor and begin to discuss how you want your new kitchen to look. There are likely a number of dog-friendly additions that your contractor can create, each of which can make your life easier in the months and years ahead. Ideally, you'll be able to work with a contractor who has made dog-related changes in previous clients' kitchens, as they'll have some suggestions for you to consider. Here are some things that you may want as part of this remodeling project.

Slide-Out Dishes

A lot of people keep their dog's food and water dishes on the kitchen floor, but the problem with doing so is that they can constantly be in the way. For example, you might stumble over one of the bowls while you're busy cooking, or your child might trip on the water bowl and make a mess. A good idea for your kitchen remodel is to have a slide-out drawer in the base of your lower cabinets that can hold your dog's dishes. You can slide it out when your dog needs to eat and drink, and then slide it out of the way between meals.

Food Storage

If your dog is large, it likely eats a lot of food during each meal. This means that the pet goes through a significant volume of food every week. If you currently have a large bag of the dog's food sitting in the corner of your kitchen, you might feel as though it's an eyesore. As part of your remodeling project, your contractor can build a specific cabinet — perhaps adding onto the existing cabinet structure — that will hold the food. Ideally, it will be situated close to the slide-out drawer that holds the dishes, allowing you to feed your pet quickly and easily.

Space For A Bed

Lots of dogs enjoy being in the kitchen when their families are in this space, but you don't want the pet to always be underfoot. Another kitchen remodeling idea to consider is having your contractor build an open space beneath the counter that can hold the dog's bed. The size of the animal will influence the size of this space. You may find that your dog enjoys this cozy environment — and that you enjoy not having the dog in your way as you work in the kitchen.

Talk to a kitchen remodeling contractor for more ideas.