Love to Read? How to Create the Perfect Book Nook

If you're into reading, it's time to create a book nook for yourself. Setting up an area of your home as a separate reading nook will give you the space you need to curl up and relax with a good book. You could just curl up on the living room couch, but that won't provide the quiet tranquility you need to truly immerse yourself in your book. Here are four steps to take to create the perfect book nook.

How To Paint Over Semi-Gloss Walls

If you are looking to update your walls, you may choose a semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint is a popular choice for walls because it's tougher than latex and gives a moderate sheen.  However, painting over walls already painted with semi-gloss can be tricky, since new paint won't adhere to the shiny surface, and it runs easier. However, it is still possible to repaint the walls with semi-gloss paint by following these steps.

How To Install Drapery Rods For Your Home Staging

Installing drapes is a great way to make the window fixture more stylish before staging it. New drapes can add a level of cohesion and style to any room. Most people choose an ornate fabric that coordinates with other fabrics or the carpet. Installing the Rod Mounts Of course, you want your drapes to also be fully functional. If they are not properly installed, they can be hard work, especially if you use them on a daily basis.

Four Things An Interior Designer Can Do That Most People Can't

When you want to redecorate, you may be able to add some pillows or new furniture to a room. You may even add fresh paint to the walls and/or new flooring if you are an intermediate DIY-type of person. However, even the most experienced home owner cannot do some things an interior designer can do. Interior designers can do at least four things most people cannot: 1. Visualize a Fully Decorated and Remodeled Room in His/Her Head

Design Ideas For Cat Lovers

Are your cats members of your family? If so, you may want to design your home so it meets your human aesthetic while also being friendly to your furry friends. The following interior design tips can help make your home the ultimate in cat friendliness. Tip #1: Opt for wider window sills Almost all cats seem to love basking on a window sill while watching the world go by outside. You can make this a much more comfortable pursuit by having a wide sill installed.

How To Measure Your Windows For Curtains And Other Tips

Measuring for curtains may seem like a simple task, but you don't want to just buy a pair, bring them home, hang them and realize they aren't as long as you thought they'd be or not as wide as you had hoped. Curtains do a lot for a room; they don't just add a decorative touch. They also help add depth, height and width to your room. They help provide an optical illusion, which if you use the wrong curtains, can give the wrong illusion.

The Advantages Of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is an alternative type of flooring material that is made out of several pieces of hardwood flooring glued together in a pattern. Different types of hardwood can be used in a single parquet tile, and patterns can be made to encompass a whole room. Because of parquet flooring's unique material makeup, it provides a number of advantages to your home's floors. Understanding the benefits associated with parquet flooring can help you decide whether or not parquet flooring is the right fit for your home's floors.

3 Reasons Your Kitchen Needs Solid Surface Counter Tops

As a homeowner, choosing the right material for your kitchen counter tops is a big decision that you will be living with for many years. While it is tempting to choose an inexpensive material, it is important to consider the inconvenience associated with updating your counter tops. Unless you don't mind having strangers traipse around your kitchen, it is a good idea to learn about the benefits of solid surface counter tops, as discussed below.

Don't Let Allergies Limit Your Floor Choices

When you come home at the end of the day, you want to relax, not spend your time coughing and sneezing. But for people with asthma or allergies, special care has to be taken to maintain good air quality at home. Choosing the right flooring material, and maintaining it once installed, can make a big difference in the amount of allergens in the home. But while some materials are easier to keep clean and allergy-free than others, almost any flooring material can be allergy-friendly if chosen carefully.